- A single adult oyster filters upwards of 50 gallons of seawater in 24 hours. 

 - A large portion of downtown Manhattan was built on top of a landfill of oyster shells; Pearl St. was once waterfront property.

- Native Americans were the first to practice aquaculture and sustainable harvesting practices, first witnessed by Henry Hudson, when he entered New York Harbor.

- Oysters on the half shell we offered as common street vending food, much like a hot dog cart or food truck, in many cities on the east coast.

-Oyster shells, when ground up and mixed with water, make a mortar that was used commonly for cement; buildings and roads are still made of oyster shell mortar today. Trinity Church in lower Manhattan is a good example of this.

-Bay scallops can swim freely, and can move many feet at a time.

Hard Clams, or quahogs, Mercenaria Mercenaria , dig holes and bury themselves in sand or mud.