Harvest Moon Shellfish Co. 

Hello and Welcome to the Harvest Moon Shellfish Co.! Our farm is situated in the Great Peconic Bay, between the Twin Forks of Long Island. At Harvest Moon, we love shellfish and we love our bays! We cultivate and harvest  the Eastern Oysters, Crassostrea Virginica, and the Peconic Bay Scallops, Argopectan Irradian Irradian. They are the preferred wild local species that have been farmed for centuries. By combining traditional, time tested aquaculture methods with new techniques, Harvest Moon strives to bring you the best quality shellfish in the area. 


Harvesting Methods

Our harvesting methods are very traditional. During the season, we collect Bay Scallops with small dredges or dip nets. Our oysters are grown in cages that sit on the seafloor. Our boat has been modified to lift our cages onboard for handling and harvesting.

Sustainable Shellfish

By using shellfish seed that comes from a local hatchery, and not taking seeds from the bay, we hope to have long term affects, increasing wild populations of shellfish throughout our bay. Also our animals spawn naturally while in captivity and their offspring also add to the wild fisheries. 


On the Bay

 Check out our blog to find out whats going on in the world of shellfish and aquaculture. Feel free to email any questions or concerns. We will also post events and happenings around the East End, and some of the best places to get oysters!